Abbey Brown’s Top 10 Essential Oils for Fall

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1) Seasonal depression got you down? Use Clary Sage in a diffuser or bath

2) Mmm…Halloween candy, pumpkin pie, turkey…Suppress your appetite with Peppermint.

3) Who isn’t congested right now?? Eucalyptus vaporized or in the shower

4) Unwelcomed guests tend to move in when the weather gets cold. Repel bugs with Tea Tree on cotton balls or in a spray.

5) We can’t resist the spicy scents of fall. Warm some Clove oil for that just baked scent throughout your home.

6) If you’re unlucky enough to catch a cold or flu this season, pick up a massage oil with Grapefruit to ease your swollen throat glands.

7) For fever relief try Chamomile in a bath.

8) As always, Lavender has many uses including soothing dry or chapped lips and dandruff.

9) Oh no! The kids brought home lice from school! Rosemary essential oil will do the trick!

10) Ground yourself and enjoy the season with a Cedarwood body oil.

Happy Fall!