Jumping on our soap box …


We’re excited to present our very first Abbey Brown Soap Artisan blog!

When we aren’t busy whipping up new recipes and old favorites, selling our products at one of our three locations, or running the day to day operations of our small, woman-owned business, we LOVE to research, read, and learn about what is new in the world of bath and body. We care about our skin and yours, and hope that this blog will both teach and inspire our readers to feel the same! We encourage YOU to comment, ask questions, even email us pictures of your creations and we’ll post them up!

Check back for weekly posts about current topics in soap, bath, body, skincare, health, herbalism, aromatherapy, and MORE! We’ll share tips, tools, recipes, tutorials, and all of our tried and true favorites, from herbs to essential oils. What are you interested in? Suggest a topic!

AB Soap

Ever wonder why we use Olive Oil in our soaps? Or just HOW we turn all that oil into a bar of soap?? Interested in aromatherapy and want to know what essential oils every aspiring aromatherapist should own? Love to make simple and fresh skincare products at home and need some go to recipes? We’ll share it all and then some!

‘Til then…